Posted by: wockhardthospitals | March 11, 2010

Eat healthy to keep kidneys fit.

Take eight glasses of water, do 30-minute physical exercise, reduce salt intake and eat healthy every day to keep your kidney fit for normal functioning.

That is what the urologists and doctors have advised on the eve of World Kidney Day.

Stressing on greater awareness to keep a healthy kidney, urologists here today outlined smoking, obesity, workplace exposure to asbestos and benzene, high blood pressure, hypertension and dialysis as risk factors for kidney cancer.

“Kidney cancer is totally curable if detected early which may have the manifestations in the shape of blood in urine, persisting ill-health, anaemia, steady weight loss, back or abdominal pain which call for periodic USG check-up,” Shibaji Basu, chief urologist and R K Gopala Krishna, consultant urologist of the Wockhardt hospital and kidney institute, told reporters here.

Incidences of kidney cancer in India are slowly rising, Basu said. .



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