Posted by: wockhardthospitals | November 10, 2009

Heavy breather

Is that tight chest telling you to visit your doc for a checkup, or to just stop visiting the cake shop? Find out…

Out of shape Asthma
The symptoms Shortness of breath, but only after exercise, sex, climbing flights of stairs or all activities at the same time. Shortness of breath, not only after exercise but also after exposure to cold temperatures, to allergens such as cat fur or even laughing (possibly at the thought of sex on the stairs).
The cause It’s only when you exert yourself that you have problem breathing and it’s not an issue through the night. You wake up breathless in the middle of the night or feel a tightness of the chest in the morning.
The factors A little coughing or wheezing. Too much wheezing to speak of; if you could only muster the breath to do so.
The answer May find that running in the gym and improving your diet, thereby losing weight, helps shift it. May find you go through phases of severity, particularly when you’re stressed or exerting yourself or if you have a cold.
The future Head to the gym or add more exercise to your everyday routine; get off the bus one stop earlier than usual and walk, use the stairs at work and do up to three 30-minute workouts a week. Head to the doctor’s. You will probably be put on a course of inhaler treatments. Try swimming-it’s a good exercise for asthmatics.

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