Posted by: wockhardthospitals | October 30, 2009

Wockhardt hospitals Cardiac Rehab

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Who can follow;

*All angina and post heart attack patients
*Diagnosed blockages in the angiography
*Stress test Positive
*Undergone bypass surgery / angioplasty procedure

Program details:

Duration: 3 months

To restore quality of life
To make them understand the nature of their disease
Guide them through the right exercise program
Guide them through the right diet
To prevent recurrence of the disease after bypass surgery / angioplasty procedure

Stages of the program:

Stage 1 : Introduction:

*Knowledge about the disease
*Lifestyle changes
*Predisposing factors

Our rehabilitation specialists will take a detailed history to explore the aspects of your personality, stress factors, lifestyle and what you could expect from this program.

Stage 2 : Diagnostic Tests :

* Lipid profile
*Blood Sugar
*Stress test

Stage 3 : Cardiac Fitness Prescription

* Monitoring your heart rate
*The FITT principle
*Target heart rate prescription
*Frequency of exercises
*Types of Exercises
* Intensity of exercise
*Duration and Time

Stage 4 : Diet Prescription :

*Calorie Planning
*Balancing your diet
*Heart friendly foods

Stage 5: Meditation Techniques :

*Progressive relaxatioin techniques
*Transcendental meditation

Stage 6 : Lifestyle Modification :

*Sleep patterning & sleep hygiene
*Smoking cessation


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