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Research shows rise in cancer cases by 20% every year in India.

India’s projection for cancer among men in 2020 is now out and it isn`t looking very good. The country will see a 20% increase – 87,000 additional cases of cancer every year in men by 2020.

According to Indian council of medical research’s latest report, fresh cases of cancer annually among men will increase from 4.47 lakh in 2008 to 5.34 lakh by 2020. Cancers in almost all sites will see an increase, except that of the oesophagus which will actually see a dip from 23,573 fresh cases in 2008 to 20,642 cases in 2020.

The report on cancer trends, that tracks the deadly disease over 24 years and its yet to be made public, says that incidence of mouth cancer will see the highest increase by almost 66%, from 28,066 fresh cases per year to 46,785 in 2020.

However, in absolute numbers, lung cancer will top the list with 51,194 new cases annually by 2020 as against 42,863 in 2008.

image source:topnews, click image to know more about our services

image source:topnews, click image to know more about our services

Around 30% of all cancers in India are due to smoking and chewing tobacco and it will be the main cause for this increase in both lung and mouth cancers, said Dr. Vinod Raina, head of medical oncology at AIIMS. Dr. Raina added “However the increase in the absolute numbers of cancer cases will be due to India’s aging population.

Cancer of the prostate and brain/nervous systems will see almost an equal amount of increase by around 19% in the next 12 years. Cases of prostate cancer will increase to 30,185 by 2020 as against 25,273 cases in 2008. Cancer of the Brain NS which recorded 18,238 cases in 2008 would increase to 21,782 during the same time. Cancer of the tongue, larynx and stomach will all see an increase of around 16%. The number of the liver cancers will increase from 14,062 cases in 2008 to 16,795 in 2020.

A health ministry official said it was ready with a Rs 100 crore National Cancer Fund that will cover all costs incurred by below poverty line (BPL) patients affected by cancer. The centre has also sanctioned Rs. 2,500 crore under the 11th Five Year Plan for the National Cancer Control Programme.

Source: TOI


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