Posted by: wockhardthospitals | July 30, 2009

Wockhardt Hospitals Bannerghatta, Bangalore conducts its first-ever Kidney transplantation.

Wockhardt Hospitals Bannerghatta conducted its first ever successful live related kidney transplant. A unique case that relates to 2 sisters, aged 37 years and 33 years, both of whom suffered from kidney failure caused by an inflammatory condition called IgA Nephropathy.

Image Source:Content answers. Click on image to know more about Wockhardt Hospitals.

Image Source:Content answers. Click on image to know more about Wockhardt Hospitals.

IgA Nephropathy is the commonest form of inflammatory kidney disease (Glomerulonephritis). It may be present as blood and/or protein leakage in urine and in some cases lead to complete kidney failure. When the functioning of kidneys fall bellow 8 to 10 percent and patients are sick with symptoms called Uremia, patients will have to undergo dialysis to clean their blood of the poisons and remove water from the body.

Hemalatha Thapa was being treated with peritoneal dialysis (PD) in Qatar. Her father, H B Gurung, a retired army officer, was interested in donating one of his kidneys to his daughter. Both daughter and father were evaluated by Nephrologists, Dr. R Sreedhara, MD, FACP, and Dr.Satish Kumar, MD, DNB, and found to be suitable for living related kidney transplantation. A team of surgeons that consisted of Dr.Dilip Javali, Dr, Girish, Dr. Mahendra Jain and Dr. Amar Kumar Jairam conducted the surgery. Her condition remains excellent with normal functioning of the transplanted kidney.

The unique feature of this case is that patients sister: Jyoti Ramanathan too was treated with hemodialysis before she underwent successful kidney transplantation under the supervision of Dr. R.Sreedhara a little over a year ago. In this case the patients mother, Hemalatha Gurung was the donor.

Because of their genetic relationship with the donor kidneys, both sisters are expected to have their transplanted kidneys functioning for a long time.


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