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Eye Stress: Causes & Prevention

A decade ago people used a desktop at work and a mobile phone while on the move , now as  personal and work life are ruled by a medley of digital devices from PDA ( personal digital assistant) ,  laptops, and entertainment focuses on gaming consoles, mobile devices –Eye Stress Source ehow

Question: Is the eye being bombarded by visual stress factors, if yes what are the main causative factors?

Answer: Yes, in the modern society one’s eye is constantly bombarded by the effects of the various gadgets and devices designed to make life easier. The most common being the computer monitor. Other gadgets such as hand held devices, Laptops, PDA’s etc… have further contributed to eye stress. Modern recreation especially in young children involves spending a great deal of time staring at a television or a computer monitor where the eye is subjected to great amounts of stress and strain.

Radiation emitted from the various techno gadgets, reduced blinking (due to the eye being fixed on the screen) and the air conditioned rooms that dry the air around are the main factors that cause eye stress

Question: What are the signs of eye stress that people must be aware of?

Answer: The signs of eye stress vary from person to person according to their fitness. Some of the signs of eye stress are –

  • Burning sensation in the eyes

  • Irritation and redness

  • Watering of the eye

  • Pricking sensation

  • Frequent Headaches

  • Blurring, double vision

Question: Can staring at a computer monitor or the small screens on most devices lead to various ailments? if yes what are these ailments that digital device users can be subject to ?

Answer: Staring at the computer monitor can lead to conditions such as CSV (computer visual syndrome), accompanied with eye pain and headache, Asthenopia (weakness of the eye), Minor Refractive Errors (when the retina is exposed to UV rays emitted by the gadgets), while working in an A/C environment the dry air affects the eye, playing games on a hand held device or a computer may lead to less blinking leaving the eyes dry

Question: What are the ways to combat the issue of eye strain?


  • Wash your eyes often with cold water

  • take a break while working

  • use protective glasses with anti glare coating

  • work in an environment that has adequate lighting and reduces reflections

  • for dry eyes use eye lubricants such as artificial tears after consultation with the doctor

Question: What are the ways in which related ailments caused by eye stress can be identified and treated?

Answer: Ailments related to eye strain can be identified based on the symptoms and associated ailments. A detailed examination is necessary with the help of various aids and tests such as visual examinations, retinoscopic tests, and eye health consultation

Question: Can you suggest five simple eye care exercises that can be followed by those who frequently use digital devices?


  1. Convergence exercise – concentration on the tip of your nose and then focusing on a distant object

  2. Movement of the eye balls in all directions (top down, left, right & circular) slowly

  3. Closing your eyes for 3 to 5 seconds and opening it for the 3 to 5 seconds, repeat 7 to 8 times

  4. Yoga such as pramayana (deep breathing exercise)

  5. Cupping your eyes with the palms of your hands for a while when stressed

Question: What is the periodicity of eye care check-ups and preventive health care, measures that people must adopt?

Answer: The frequency of eye checkups depends on various factors.

First of all a person must consult a doctor whenever he/she experiences symptoms of eye stress.

People who wear glasses need to go for a checkup at least once a year, patients suffering form diabetes or hypertension could visit their doctor between 3 to 6 months depending on the severity of the condition, people over 40 years need a checkup at least once a year.

Preventive health care measures include proper hygiene, diet that includes green leafy vegetables, avoid of rubbing the eye too often, adhering to measures mentioned above.


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