Posted by: wockhardthospitals | June 24, 2009

“14 year old girl from Uganda undergoes Life Saving Surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals, Bangalore”

14 yr old frm Uganda

A 14 year old girl from Uganda who came to India with a dilating heart showing signs of heart failure has undergone a complicated open heart surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals. The cardiac team at Wockhardt Hospitals led by Dr. Vivek Jawali, Chief Cardio Thoracic Surgeon performed risky and complicated open heart procedure to replace the mitral valve, repair a leaking tricuspid valve and maze procedure to correct her abnormal heart rhythm.

Abigail Kanyonyozi was brought to Wockhardt Hospitals when she was on the brink of heart failure. Abigail was diagnosed to have a blood cancer called acute myeloid leukaemia in 2000 and Lynda’s saga of her fight for her daughter began. Abigail had undergone a prolonged and expensive treatment in South Africa for her blood cancer. This led Lynda (her mother) exhaust her all finances to bring Abigail back to normal life. After few years of fully recovering from her blood cancer Abigail was diagnosed with heart disease called dolurebecin cardio myopathy which dilates the heart resulting in cardiac failure.

Dr. Vivek Jawali, Chief Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals said, “On further examination it was found that the child had a heavy heart and was suffering from rheumatic heart disease (a condition in which permanent damage to heart valves is caused by rheumatic fever), with severe leakage of her heart valves – mitral and tricuspid valve (a valve located between the right atrium and the right ventricle). The leakage had caused stretching of the heart and irregular heart rhythm called Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) which was primarily contributing to her heart failure. Her condition was very critical and immediate surgery was the only option to save the child.” Abigail had to undergo a complex and prolonged surgery which involved replacement of her mitral valve, repairing of tricuspid valves and a complicated maze operation to correct her heart rhythm.

The surgery was successfully performed and the heart was contracted to a great extent. Abigail was no longer suffering from breathlessness and body swelling and her heart was strongly beating. “The child can now live a robust life adds DR. Jawali”. Abigail was discharged from the hospital within a week’s time post her surgery.

Atrial fibrillation is a kind condition where the speed or rhythm of the heart beat is affected due to a disorder in the hearts electrical impulses. The heart may beat too fast or too slow or it may vary in pace as the hearts upper and lower chambers beat out of sequence.


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