Posted by: wockhardthospitals | June 15, 2009

The Real Truth of Rashmi BT Story at Wockhardt Hospitals

This Post is in response in connection with the story of Rashmi BT’s experience at Wockhardt hospitals. While we are firmly behind her at this time of extreme grief as an institution we thought it appropriate to bring it to the public domain our version of the real story at wockhardt Hospitals and what we believe actually happened The below mail gives you the complete details of the case.

However in case anyone of you does not have the time to go through the same in detail we would like to let you know that Wockhardt Hospitals had followed all the necessary medical protocols that any reputed institution across the globe would have followed. We have always tried to question the limits to which medical science can progress and have been also largely responsible for the positive changes that the Indian healthcare industry has been witnessing in recent years. It is but unfortunate that certain risks in medicine cannot be completely mitigated how much ever one might strive.

Please do read our version and if you find it convincing forward the same to whoever you might think appropriate.

Reputations take a lifetime to build, is it right to destroy them without understanding true facts and make a hospital and its doctors look inhuman?

Please go through the real story of Rashmi BT  at our official Blog  at The Real Truth of Rashmi BT Story at Wockhardt Hospitals

Anyone who wishes to clarify or have  further issues on this story, you can email us at


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